About Us

The Global Executive Leadership Initiative - GELI - is an innovative programme, designed exclusively for leaders from UN agencies, NGOs, and the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.



About Us
Who we are

We are a global team committed to supporting leaders from across the humanitarian and development sector. We believe that through continuous learning and ingenuity, leaders can drive more effective action and change for the people they serve. Together, we will build the leadership cadre of the future.

How we work

We listen and seek to understand the needs and new challenges of leaders working to bring about the transformation our world needs. We then bring in experts from academia and the private sector to harness the power of research, innovation and new thinking. Together, we deliver a blend of learning initiatives and highly practical support. 

Where we work
Where we work

We bring leaders together in locations around the world, drawing from more than 130 countries of humanitarian and development operations where they work. Our aim is to shorten distances and eliminate barriers to bring about continuous knowledge sharing and the collaboration our sector needs.

Our Vision
To build a better world through transformative leadership.
Our Mission
To inspire exceptional leadership through continuous learning, ingenuity, and transformation.
Our core leadership values
Inspiration, Innovation, Courage, Compassion, Inclusivity.

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