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The Global Executive Leadership Initiative - GELI - is a leadership development programme designed exclusively for top-level leaders from the United Nations, NGOs, and the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

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A programme that takes learning opportunities to countries of operation and offers short and specialised training courses on specific topics through the lens of leadership.
Colleagues, I am very excited to welcome you to GELI. Your journey of growth and learning starts today. Together we will build the leadership cadre of the future and co-create the transformation our system needs.
Panos Moumtzis, Assistant Secretary General, Executive Director

Why is GELI unique?

GELI is the only training and professional development organization that brings together senior leaders in a true spirit of collaboration to learn together, develop new skills, and co-create solutions to the challenges they face through a range of training courses and support services. It literally brings senior leaders together from UN agencies, international and national NGOs and the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in the same courses in a true collaborative space.
I think this course has been great because it’s given me the time to think, a little bit of space to step back, and really re-access the negotiation process to see how the team and I can actually do it even better for future issues.
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Maniza Zaman - Representative UNICEF
I found the course energetic, stimulating, and engaging with practical exercises that I found engaging and yet imparted skills, nuances, and perspectives from colleagues to me. I felt supported with some of the practical issues around which I was already doing some negotiations on how I could improve on them and expand the opportunities for responsible outcomes.
Pius Ojara
Pius Ojara - Director at South Sudan NGO Forum
Great learning experience - not only about negotiations but also about yourself as a negotiator. I highly recommend it!
Ekin Ogutogullari
Ekin Ogutogullari Country Director at Save the Children
This training has been so revealing in my leadership journey. I will certainly turn the learnings into actions. I have already briefed my staff and they look forward to the new measure I will put in place.
Michael Charles
Michael Charles, Head of Delegation, International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
It's been fantastic dealing with people from the Red Cross, NGOs, UN organizations, Resident Humanitarian coordinators, who really know their business, and can help me put into practice some of the learnings we had.
Matthew Hollingworth
Matthew Hollingworth Rep. & Country Director at WFP
This course has been fabulous! For me, it has brought a sense of the structure of negotiation and thinking about the different pieces. I also loved practicing some of the skills and behaviors that I needed. And also connecting with my colleagues across the different areas: NGO colleagues, UN colleagues, many of whom I haven’t seen in many years. That has been good.
Susan Namodo Ngongi
Susan Namodo Ngongi, Representative at UNICEF

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