The Global Executive Leadership Initiative - GELI - is a new, innovative programme, designed exclusively for leaders from UN agencies, NGOs, and the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

GELI will take leaders on a journey of self reflection and growth to realise their full potential and drive more effective action for people across the globe. 

We partner with governments, UN and NGOs, the private sector, foundations and academia to support our ambition - and together, we invest in leaders.


GELI is a unique programme that brings together executive level field leadership from across the humanitarian and development system.

The programme will help leaders to enhance their leadership skills, and provides them with tools that will help them better address today's complexities and lead transformation for a better tomorrow. 

GELI offers three distinct but complementary tracks:

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The GELI programmes are designed for executive field based leaders and members of senior field coordination platforms, such as Humanitarian Country Teams or UN Country Teams. Participants will be UN Resident Coordinators or Humanitarian Coordinators, NGO Country Directors, UN Representatives or Heads of Delegation for the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

We look forward to welcoming you soon. GELI programmes are currently under development and applications will open in 2021.

meet the team

Stuart Kefford

Deputy, Regional Training Programme and Innovation Programme

Panos Moumtzis

Executive Director

Amy Shatsoff

Deputy, Operations and Leadership

Joelle Eid

Strategic Communications Officer

Jillian Lope

Programme Management Coordinator

Alessio Alfonsetti

Information Systems Officer

Felicia Long

Senior Training and Development Officer

Justyna Susla

Deputy, Partnership and Outreach

Johanna Bohl

Executive Assistant

Lata Chandiramani

Administrative Associate

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